Institute for personal close protection

Health and Safety Principles In The Work Place u/s 259639

This is the most basic introductory health & safety course on offer. It is aimed to raise awareness and teach employees how to handle health & safety issues, thus reducing injuries in the workplace. The objective is to encourage all employees to adopt and create a healthy and safe atmosphere at work. It should be seen as one of the minimum requirements to be met by company employees when being inspected by governing bodies such as the Department of Labour.


  •   4 hours

Entry Requirement:
  •   None
  •   Certificate is valid for one year

Course content:

  •   Employee duties and responsibilities
  •   PPE (personal protective equipment)
  •   Safety in the workplace
  •   Fire awareness and evacuation
  •   Environmental awareness
  •   Stacking, storage and electrical guidelines
  •   Ergonomics
  •   Safety signs
  •   Emergency Evacuation

  •  The candidate is evaluated during the duration of the course. There are no written    examinations.
  •  A compulsory teacher/ student evaluation will be done during the duration of the   course, and learner competency must be demonstrated to be found competent and   certified.

Duration: 1 Days  NQF Level:2  Credits:4